2 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Want Your Life to Be Easier, Better, and Happier

What do you want?

When I ask my clients that question, many of them respond with a litany list of complaints and negative situations going on in their lives.

What do you want in life?

What If It Is Important?

The second big challenge my clients face in life is overwhelm.

How to Earn a Black Belt from a Master

In 1987, soon after moving to LA from Honolulu, I walked through the doors of 3201 Santa Monica Bl. in Santa Monica CA. I had a book in my hand, that I bought a couple of years earlier, Zen in the Martial Arts by Joe Hyams.

My home away from home

So if it’s so simple, why do clients need coaches?

The two questions of the 5 Whys and the 5 Hows are great tools for streamlining and simplifying your life and goals.



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Charles Doublet

Charles Doublet

Life-long learner and idea machine.