A Simple Formula for Success and Happiness

The 50–30–20 Rule

From the book, All Your Worth by Elizabeth Warren
  • 50% of your money goes to your MUST-HAVES/NEEDS.
  • 30% of your money goes to your WANTS.
  • 20% of your money goes to SAVING and INVESTING for your future.

But I Took the 50–30–20 Rule Further

Elizabeth Warren’s book was fine for money and it is an important factor for life but it’s not all of it.

So What Will You Do…

Can you see yourself budgeting out your time, energy, and money following the 50–30–20 rule?

Some final thoughts…

Of course, the 50–30–20 rule is not written in stone. Some people are doing everything they can, working multiple jobs, scrimping on important bills, just to get by.



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Charles Doublet

Charles Doublet

Life-long learner and idea machine.