One App to Rule Them All, and To Completely Supercharge Your Life

A Bottomless Barrel of Apps

bobbing for apples
  • Evernote
  • Zapier
  • Todoist
  • MindMeister
  • Coggle
  • Lucidchart
  • FreePlane
  • Pocket
  • Notion
  • Google Keep
  • Microsoft OneNote

A Game-Changing New Kind of App

A library card catalog
Niklas Luhmann

The Problem with Many Apps

Many of the apps out there, as a marketing strategy, try to tout themselves as the one solution to a whole slew of problems. They want to achieve market dominance by solving a bunch of problems, thereby positioning themselves as the “go-to solution.”

Anne-Laure le Cunff
  • Collection — doing the research to flesh out, support, counter-arguments, and expand on your ideas
  • Connection — taking all of your research and making a cohesive outline for your content
  • Creation — the publishing and marketing of your content

The Two Camps of Roam and Obsidian

Michael Simmons
Nick Milo
  1. Obsidian is secure — your data is not in the cloud somewhere, it is kept safe on your computer, or at least as safe as you keep your computer
  2. Obsidian is future-proof — the save files of Obsidian are in markdown format, which means even if Obsidian someday in the future goes away, all of your notes can be viewed by any text editing software

Why Obsidian (or Roam) Will Change Your Life

Your brain is phenomenal.

The Magic of Seeing 6° of Separation

Inside Chuck’s Head
The “Success” node and some of its connections
My Writing node along with my two tags of #toProcess and #toCreate

And Now It’s Mobile!

I lied.

My book summaries



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